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015 024 bewerbung 535pxIs located in the so-called „Bergisch Land“ area including the cities of Solingen, Remscheid and Wuppertal. This region is characterised by fast structural change in the economy: away from technical or industrial production in small metal processing/working enterprises, towards companies providing services. This change is happening at the same time as an above average level of unemployment (i.e.11.4% in comparison to 8.1% national average). This development especially affects people disadvantaged by the employment market like those with low qualifications,migrants, women and elderly people. In response, ZIB offers training courses particularly to learners with special needs such as school leavers, permanently unemployed persons, women who want to return to their jobs following a period of unemployment and people with an immigrant background and lack of adequate German language skills.

 As a vocational training centre ZIB has long experience in working with the disadvantaged target groups at risk of social exclusion. Since the foundation of the organisation in 2004 it has offered numerous training and further education courses (partly funded by the ESF), as well as a continuous advisory service for people searching for ways back into work. Besides unemployed people in general and women in particular, our services are offered to migrants, elderly people and similar potentially disadvantaged groups. ZIB maintains 3 training centres in the western part of Germany, including class rooms and workshops, and employs at present 12 teachers, trainers and social care staff.

  ZIB strongly believes that it is important for vocational training centres to develop the capacity of using modern technology in workshops and labs in order to be successful in integrating disadvantaged groups into the labour market. Previous international co-operations with vocational training centres in Europe in the context of programmes like Leonardo, Socrates and Grundtvig have had a strong impact on teachers and learners at ZIB, and have given new incentives to them to improve the learning process for our clients and increase the levels of employability and the integration into the labour.Contact



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