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United Kingdom


OAKE Associates was formed in 2009 to provide a service that will help support those people who are most excluded in society. The growth of the Third (NGO) Sector in the UK is a relatively new phenomenon and many of the organisations operating within the sector still remain small. This often means that they do not have the capacity to operate like larger companies and organisations because small companies have a limited skill and experience base. 


OAKE Associates help to overcome this problem by creating a network of Associates who work as either paid staff or Volunteers for the company on a part time basis. This allows us to bring in experience and expertise to the development of projects and initiatives that would not be available to many small Third Sector organisations or Micro businesses.

OAKE Associates provides a training arm which mentors in vocational programmes; 

        -  Health & safety and Food Safety courses in the Retail, Tourism and hospitality sectors using tablet PC or blended                    learning depending on student profile.

        -  Designers of bespoke training courses using ICT as a medium 

        -  Community Development and Economic Regeneration to third sector organisations. 

        -  Website construction

        -  Developing management programmes that target the most excluded in society.

        -  Supporting strategic change in equality and diversity issues in the post-16 education sector.

        -  Web based Training Needs Analysis.

Geographically the head office is based in Manchester however, as a progressive company the office is staff purely as an administration point or meeting room.

All the main staff (Directors, Tutors, ICT support and project workers) are widespread across the country (Yorkshire, West Midlands, Devon, Cheshire, and North Wales






Registered Company Address; Withington House,

94 Withington Road, Manchester M16 8FA

Registration; VAT GB 987 42A 485

Company Registration; 06966325

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