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The Teachers´ Association “Giresun Egitimciler Dernegi” is located in Giresun, Turkey. Giresun is a small city on the north coast of the Black Sea and its economy is based on agriculture (especially hazelnut) tourism and fishing. Because of the dispersed settlement of the area not all of the students can get proper education.Some of the schools in rural areas have beeen closed or they haven’t got enough teachers.Moreover some students are transferred everyday from their houses to schools.Therefore it causes  waste of time and energy. As a result, the success rate of pupils in Giresun is very low in centralised exams in Turkey.  

Giresun Egitimciler Dernegi was founded in 2007 in Giresun by voluntary teachers working at several schools in Giresun. It has the 
membership of about two hundred teachers. It is a local, non-governmental and non-profit private organisation.We realize that the government cannot do everything for education in our area and as a non governmental organisation we oblige ourselves to supply proper education for our disadvantaged students. 


Our Mission: We don’t want to increase the number of our members, but we want to share our goodness, kindness, experience and accumulation with the teachers, students and people in Giresun and in our country. Our activities can be classified into four groups:


 1) For primary school students: We give free private courses for primary students who are intelligent but do not have the chance to go to the private courses. 

2) For secondary school students: We help students prepare for university entrence exams and choose the best faculty and occupation for them.

3) For university students: We give scholarship for university students

4) For teachers: We organize periodical meetings for each branches to talk about problems in education, schools and educational problems in Giresun and try to find solutions for them and share useful documents and activities. We have an orientation course for the new teachers in Giresun.  

Our Vision: In the long run we want to be the best association for teachers and students among the other educational societies in terms of orientation, preparing individuals for the future. 



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