Dialógus Platform Egyesület



The Dialógus Platform Association(DPA) was established in 2005 by a group of Turkish-Hungarian intellectuals, academics and volunteers as a not-for-profit charitable organization. The objective of the DPA is to promote tolerance, understanding, mutual respect and acceptance. The Dialogue Society therefore actively encourages and nurtures dialogue between followers of different ideologies, different ethnic communities, adherents of different religions and members of society in general.

The Association is also an education centre organizing language courses, that follows the rules of informal education in every sense. This means that the students don’t only take part in the lessons but also are invited to several team building activities, and cultural programmes, where they also have the opportunity to practice their knowledge ’in real life circumstances’. To organize these programmes and keep in touch with the students and all the interested people the Association uses the latest means of communication; the social media. These also keep the communication alive and interactive. 

The Association also takes part in educational programmes such as EU projects and training courses. 

DPA in the meanitime organizes seminars and forums on different topics, taken from everyday life, such as economical problems of the country, or more subtle problems, like the question of minorities or ethincal groups. With these activities DPA intends to bring together the experts of these topics and those poeple who consider these questions important, or would like to know more about them.

With all its activities DPA is trying to create a forum for the people who are open to new cultures, and would also like to awaken those who are not. DPA believes that diversity is our richness and every culture has its own value.




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